Our Mission: To provide high quality and affordable healthcare options to individuals, families, self-employed, and small business owners. We are able to accomplish this by offering access to top tier health, life, and dental insurance products available through our licensed, professional, well-trained and supported sales force.
HRT Announces Trip to Italy for 2018!
Only the best for our folks. We are pleased to announce HRT's award trip for 2018 will be to the Waldorf Astoria in Rome, Italy!
HRT Buys It's Own Office Building!
If you expect to be living in a location long term, why rent? That is what HRT has been asking itself for sometime, so it is time to buy our own building.
Real Email from a Customer
Health Reform Team reviews many of these, but in a world where it is easier to criticize an agent than praise, it is always fun to read. The below email is a real email from one of our customers.
HRT to Take Top Agents to Maui
After an incredible Open Enrollment, HRT upped its trip reward for top agents to take them AND spouses to Maui!
HRT Agents Score 52.5 Million AV During Open Enrollment! read more >>
Health Reform Team agents just finished an incredible 3 month Open Enrollment with 52.5 Million AV in sales. This shatters our last year total of 25 million.
Top Agent Sets a New Record of 290,162 AV in a Week! read more >>
Top agent, Lucy Christiansen, has set a new company sales record of 290,162 AV in one week!
Health Reform Team Closes on Asset Purchase with NASE Marketing, Inc. read more >>
Health Reform Team is pleased to announce the closing of the Asset Purchase Agreement entered into with NASE Marketing, Inc.