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Health Reform Team provides comprehensive insurance solutions to the individual and self employed markets. Health Reform Team’s professional agents consult with the customer to help them understand the many options available and then help them select the best insurance product to meet their needs.


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Finding the right insurance is made easier by our expert solutions. Consider Health Reform Team as your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs!

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We provide high quality and affordable healthcare options to individuals, families, self-employed, and small business owners. We are able to accomplish this by offering access to top tier health, life, and dental insurance products available through our licensed, professional, well-trained and supported sales force.


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The Cost of Health Insurance Per Month

Perhaps the most-asked questions in the health insurance industry relate to the per month cost of a policy. It’s what’s on everyone’s mind. In fact, the cost per month of a health insurance policy is the key deciding factor for most families. Let’s dive into this...

Dental Insurance: How to Save Money and Enjoy Better Health

Many people don’t realize that dental health can affect the entire body. Having a clean mouth is not just about making a good first impression or having a bright smile—good dental health can reduce your risk of periodontal diseases and even heart disease. That’s why...

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