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Health Insurance ChecklistWe’re currently in the 2020 open enrollment period for health insurance. This year’s open enrollment runs from November 1, 2019, to December 15, 2019, for the 2020 year. If you don’t know, open enrollment is the period when you and your family can enroll in a health insurance policy without penalty.

At this time, you might be a little confused. After all, health insurance is confusing. We’ve tried to simplify open enrollment and ensure you’re ready for your new health insurance policy!

Health Insurance Checklist for Open Enrollment 2020

  • Review your medical activity and expenses for the entire 2019 year. Try to anticipate next year’s medical expenses.
  • Estimate your household income for 2020 and determine whether you’ll qualify for tax credits or Medicaid.
  • Decide who is going on your plan — your children, your spouse, etc.
  • Research top health insurance companies in your area and consider their plans.
  • Gather personal ID numbers, such as Social Security numbers and visas.

Before December 15

You have until December 15 to enroll in a health insurance plan with a new company or alter your policy. Do not procrastinate. If you miss the cutoff date, there could be penalties.

  • Find an insurance company or insurance broker to find the right plan for your health care needs.
  • If you want a physical insurance card in your hands by early January, make sure to pay your bill by December 15.
  • If at all possible, sign up for autopay to never miss a payment.
  • Learn all about your new policy’s benefits and perks. Go over them with your spouse.

You’ll find the best health care policies for you and the whole family through Health Reform Team. Give us a call at 833-839-2773 to get started. We’ll find a plan that fits your budget and needs together!

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