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There is a touch of mystery surrounding health insurance agents. For many insurance agents, a day in the office, while thoroughly planned to begin with, often does not turn out as expected. The primary goal of a health insurance agent is to either bring in new business or manage existing accounts. Everything in between is filled with paperwork. Most have a pattern, too. That pattern makes the day more productive. The highest joy health insurance has throughout the day is helping you and your family acquire health, dental, or life insurance to secure your future!

Health Insurance Paperwork

While menial to the average Joe, much of the work of a health insurance agent revolves around paperwork. One tiny mishap with the paperwork can make an impact across the country. It is imperative that, at the form level, every “I” is dotted, and “t” is crossed.

For example, if the birthdate on an insurance form is off by, say, a decade or more (confusing 63 with 36, for instance), then the insurance premium, agent commission, and client experience will be thrown off completely. No one wants that headache.

New Business + Existing Business

In a single day, a health insurance agent may schedule multiple meetings, phone calls, emails, and texts with numerous new clients, existing clients, potentially ex-clients, and upper management. Regardless of whom is on the other end of the line, it requires a few hours of paperwork, client information, and shuffling through processes.

98% of the day is comprised of helping clients. At the end of the day, that is the primary role of a health insurance agent. We are here to help clients – both existing and new – acquire health insurance that makes a difference in their lives!

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