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Dental Insurance: How to Save Money and Enjoy Better HealthMany people don’t realize that dental health can affect the entire body. Having a clean mouth is not just about making a good first impression or having a bright smile—good dental health can reduce your risk of periodontal diseases and even heart disease. That’s why having dental insurance is such an important factor for families. If you need regular cleanings, x-rays, or crowns, the right insurance policy can help you save money in the long run and help you enjoy improved health.

Dental Insurance Benefits

Finding a dental insurance plan will provide countless benefits to you and your family. These include:

  • Oral Health – Most dental professionals today focus on prevention. As such, dental exams and cleanings are covered by dental insurance.
  • Cost Savings – Dental insurance is an inexpensive option compared to paying for dental costs out of pocket. Oral health care costs can add up over time without insurance.
  • Emergencies – In the event of a dental emergency, such as a chipped tooth or dental abscess, insurance will cover the cost and lessen the burn of paying for unexpected expenses.
  • Health Protection – Your oral health directly affects the rest of your bodily health. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, around 90% of common diseases first display signs in the mouth.

What Isn’t Covered

At the same time, it’s important to note what isn’t covered by your dental insurance policy. For instance, if you want cosmetic dentistry, you’ll need to pay out of pocket for the costs. Such procedures include teeth whitening or veneers.

Furthermore, braces are typically covered by dental insurance, but there may be a payment cap, like a deductible, that you need to cover at first.

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