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Finding Health Insurance for Your KidsThere are children across the country who go without health insurance. Or they are covered by a health insurance policy with high deductibles and few benefits overall. If your children are among those with a less-than-ideal insurance policy, finding adequate coverage can be tough. If you cannot afford a high-end policy, there are options on the market today that make health insurance easier and more affordable to acquire.

Public Programs

First, let’s explore public health insurance programs. You’ve likely heard of a few of these names. For instance, Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Both of these policies offer unique benefits for their price.

  • Medicaid – Medicaid is a state-run health insurance program that utilizes both state and federal funding. As such, it offers health coverage for families with limited income, including children, pregnant women, and anyone suffering a disability.
  • CHIP – A federally-funded health insurance program providing coverage for children under age 19. To quality, the parents’ income must be within a certain threshold. Often, CHIP is only available to families with an income that is too high for Medicaid.

Speak with Your Doctor

If your children do not qualify for a public health insurance program, consider speaking with your doctor. Many doctors are willing to work with families. Furthermore, many can point you in the right direction for affordable health insurance policies. They work with policyholders and agencies each day, so they have better insight into how some health insurance programs work.

If you still cannot find a health insurance policy, then shop around for a doctor for the time being. There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding a more affordable healthcare provider. You can always return once you do have insurance coverage.

For affordable, quality health insurance coverage for children and the whole family, be sure to call Health Reform Team at 833-839-2773. We’ll connect you with the perfect health insurance policy to meet your needs!

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