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Home » HRT Agents Score 52.5 Million AV During Open Enrollment!

Health Reform Team agents finished an incredible 3 month Open Enrollment with 52.5 Million AV in sales. This shatters our last year total of 25 million in sales, and we have had quite a few agents with staggering Million Plus AV totals this year.

“After three years as an independent organization, it is pretty obvious that our agents and managers have not only learned a lot, but are great at their jobs,” said Chuck Taggart, President. “We are not an agency about advances. Rather, we are about increasing that large back end and not having agents carry large debts. In a world of Open Enrollment Periods, the vast majority of our performers do not have to worry about getting a paycheck outside of OEP.”

Health Reform Team generates most leads internally with its Call Center located in Fort Worth, TX. With live transfers, its agreements with associations, and its determination to make sure that those agents putting in the effort succeed, HRT had an incredibly prosperous 2016, and looks forward to a strong 2017.

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