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Our company gets many of these Health Reform Team reviews, but in a world where it is easier to criticize an agent than praise, it is always fun to read. The below email is a real email from one of our customers to a manager of one of our agents.

Dear Ms. Lewis,

I understand you are Rick H******’s manager. I am writing to make you aware (although you probably already know) what a wonderful person you have in Rick, both professionally and personally.

He was so kind, so patient and informative. With Rick’s guidance I felt safe and comfortable with the decision I made to purchase a policy of health insurance that works best for me.

Whenever I experience a pleasant encounter, like I had with Rick, I like to pass along positive feedback to the manager.

Rick is a true asset to your business. He went above and beyond, like giving me his personal cell phone number and personal email address. Rick followed up with me several times to be sure I was on track and didn’t need additional information or help from him.

It has been a truly enjoyable experience working with Rick H*****!!

Thank you,

Carol C*****

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