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Shopping for Affordable Health InsuranceMany families go without health insurance, but that could be a costly mistake. A single visit to the emergency room can happen at any moment but can cost you well over $1000. That bill is going to arrive in your mailbox, whether you want it or not. Then, there’s treatment for chronic disorders, such as diabetes or depression. Those costs are quite high these days, too.

Without health insurance, you’re solely responsible for making on-time monthly payments for these debts. Healthcare costs are on the rise, so be sure to explore affordable health insurance plans.

Do You Need Health Insurance?

Currently there’s no penalty for not having health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers subsidies and tax relief for 80% of families in the country to secure free insurance via Medicaid.

The health insurance market is vast, though. You may not find a free or nearly-free plan for your family, but you can find an affordable policy. Your monthly payment will be reasonable, and you’ll receive health insurance coverage in return.

Shopping for Affordable Health Insurance

First, take your time to shop around. There is a plan out there for everyone. It’s about finding the right policy that balances your coverage needs with your income. Income will be a deciding factor in how much you pay. Most insurance companies will tailor your monthly premium based on your coverage and your income.

Then consider what healthcare services you need to be included. For example, do you want emergency services, hospitalization, prescription medication, laboratory services, rehabilitation, or pediatric services? What you need will affect the cost and your options.

You can start your search for affordable health insurance with Health Reform Team. We’ll connect you with the best health insurance plan for your needs. First, call 833-839-2773!

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